Baby Boomers Look for Face Lift Options

For years, economists have said that the baby boomer discretionary income has fueled the Face Lift market for cosmetic surgery practices. Pair that with cosmetic surgery becoming more widely accepted, and advancing laser technology and science, it’s a recipe for any baby boomer to become overwhelmed with their options. Cosmetic surgery includes many elective procedures for the face and body, but studies show that baby boomers are ready to have their facial appearance reflect how they feel on the inside.

“I’ve done more than 2,000 face lifts and facial rejuvenation procedures, and we are seeing more patients who want a more natural look,” said Dr. Nease, a Triple-Board Certified Cosmetic and Facial Plastic Surgeon at Southern Surgical Arts. Seniors in good physical health can be considered for most cosmetic surgeries. Advancing age is rarely a disqualifying factor. Those with any significant medical problems may be discouraged from any invasive surgery or anesthesia and may be steered toward less invasive procedures that may still be beneficial.

Last year there were 84,685 surgical procedures among patients age 65 and older, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. They included 26,635 facelifts; 24,783 cosmetic eyelid operations; 6,469 liposuctions; 5,874 breast reductions; 3,875 forehead lifts; 3,339 breast lifts; and 2,414 breast augmentations.

Except for a brief turndown during the recession, those numbers have been rising for years now, and experts say the trend seems likely to accelerate as baby boomers begin to pass age 65.

The Cosmetic Face Lift is a face lifting technique offered by our fellowship trained and Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeons. Because Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease are trained in the latest techniques, the Cosmetic Facelift provides a more natural, refreshed, rejuvenated look that the traditional plastic surgery facelift. The ideal candidate is usually more than 50 years of age. Less invasive options such as Botox and the Laser Facelift are also available.

Southern Surgical Arts offers complimentary consultations to all cosmetic surgery patients. For more information on facial rejuvenation procedures and face lifting techniques, please call for an appointment or visit our website at

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Recap of statistics:
84,685 surgical procedures in 2010 among patients 65 and older, a 21 percent rise from 2009

Cosmetic surgeries done for people older than 65 in 2010 include:
26,635 facelifts
24,783 cosmetic eyelid surgeries
6,469 liposuctions
5,874 breast reductions
3,875 forehead lifts
3,339 breast lifts
2,414 breast augmentations
Source: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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