Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon’s Advice for Choosing Your Surgeon

It’s almost time for bikini season and the national news is taking notice of the rise of cosmetic surgery procedures this year. Fox News had Dr. Elie Levine, a board-certified plastic surgeon, provide some tips for choosing your surgeon for your next cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery

Is Your Surgeon Board-Certified?

This is an important question to ask. It’s important to find out what specific field your surgeon is certified in before moving forward. According to Dr. Levine, if your surgeon is “…board certified in radiology or internal medicine; one of the fields where the core principles and core teachings don’t include cosmetics, you might be setting yourself up.”

Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal agree with Dr. Levine’s comment on choosing a board-certified surgeon who has been trained in the field he/she practices. “Having surgical training is very important to ensure that when a complication arises, the surgeon has the experience and training to handle it. My five years of training in general surgery and my cosmetic surgery fellowship helped equip me with the knowledge I need to recognize problems and solve them,” said Dr. Chad Deal, Southern Surgical Arts’ double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and general surgeon.

How Much Experience Does Your Surgeon Have?

How do you determine if your surgeon has the experience to perform your cosmetic surgery procedure? One way to determine is to ask your surgeon how many procedures he has performed. Another way, as Dr. Levine mentioned on Fox News is to determine your surgeon’s sspecialty. Further, “There are four subspecialties in plastic surgery. There are people that can do extra training in cosmetic work, pediatric plastic surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery…,” said Dr. Levine. “If you find out they also have hand training, they may be great. But, then again, if you’re sitting in the reception area and your see eight people in cast, maybe they do more hand surgery.” These are all clues into determining the specialty and area of interest and expertise of your surgeon.

At Southern Surgical Arts, we are 100% committed and focused on cosmetic surgery. “The surgeons in our practice have performed over 7,000 cosmetic surgery procedures and we continue to perform approximately 1,200 each year,” said Dr. Carey Nease, Southern Surgical Arts’ triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon and facial plastic surgeon.

Here is the original video on Fox News:

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