Chattanooga Cosmetic Surgery Practice’s Unsurpassed Laser Technology

Southern Surgical Arts offers a variety of services that help to keep your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. We have the most complete line of lasers and light therapies in the entire region. Our lasers have multiple modes that allow for precise targeted treatments, as well as full field and fractional treatments. This allows us to treat any skin type with any aesthetic concern while also allowing us to customize your recovery to your lifestyle.

When it comes to summertime, you want to get your skin ready before the sun starts taking its toll on your body. Your skin is your first line of defense against the sun and needs to be cared for accordingly. In order to encourage you to take charge, the professionals at Southern Surgical Arts offer a variety of options to get your attention.

When dark spots start popping up it can seem like there is no way to get rid of them. Lasers and skin peels help say goodbye to unwanted sunspots by providing techniques to reset the clock. Suddenly, you will bring your new skin to the surface and your dark spots will fade to the smooth color of the rest of your skin. Put on a broad-spectrum sunscreen, and you can avoid developing new dark spots as the hot summer sunburns on each day.

Southern Surgical Arts’ trained aesthesticans can help erase your sun damage on your face, arms, décolleté, hands and more in July by treating you with 25% OFF an IPL photofacial treatment!

While getting pampered and treating your skin to a time machine is an excellent way to begin, it won’t do you any good if you don’t keep up with the care of your skin as well. Obagi, Neova and NeoCutis products all offer protection against the sun as well as moisture enhancement for your skin. Our aestheticians will sit down with you in a free consultation to explain the products and procedures that are best for your skin type and your lifestyle.

Taking care of your body means more than just exercise and eating right; it also means really caring for your skin. Because it is the largest organ in your body and on the outside, it can also become the most abused. Southern Surgical Arts is committed to teaching you to care for your skin like it deserves. Once you experience the expertise and results from advanced laser treatments and custom chemical peels at Southern Surgical Arts, you will understand how your skin should look and feel and what a difference proper care can make in the health and beauty of your skin.

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