Fall in Love with You!

Posted by Southern Surgical Arts on Oct 3, 2018 10:48:39 AM

You’ve been wanting some major enhancements for what feels like forever – slimmer hips and thighs, the perfect booty, a flat tummy or better breasts. Now that the skin-baring, bathing suit-wearing summer season has passed, it’s the perfect time to take the plunge and make plans to fall in love with you again.

There are so many reasons why winter is prime time for going under the knife (or surgical laser), especially for more invasive procedures. We’ve compiled quite a few, to show you that there’s really no excuse not to create a fresh, more beautiful new you!

You’ve got time now to plan ahead – to shed those extra pounds needed to make the most of your Mommy Makeover; to mix up your make-up palette or switch up your hairstyle for a less obvious full surgical facelift transformation.

Hats, scarves and turtlenecks worn to ward off the winter chill work double duty to conceal any swelling or bruising from chin augmentation, liposuction to the neck and jowls, Revalift and other facial procedures.

Winter-time wardrobes offer easy coverage for bandages and compression garments.

Business usually slows during the holiday season – from the long Thanksgiving weekend until well after the New Year, more paid holiday time translates to less time off the clock to have surgical work done.

It’s easier to “save face” with extra holidays on your calendar (i.e., Martin Luther King, Jr. and President’s Day). You can recover under the radar and no one has to know about that laser facelift!

It’s the ultimate New Year’s resolution, so why not treat yourself and make the most of the year to come?

Cold temps make streamlining your social schedule easier – most people aren’t too eager to step outside. And with the kids in school, you’ll have the space, time and privacy to focus on yourself.

Minimal sun exposure in winter helps reduce any side effects of UV damage to sensitive skin on the mend.

Booking now to have body contouring procedures, such as breast lifts, buttock lifts and liposuction that can be combined with complimenting enhancement treatments – such as BodyTite – will ensure that you see optimal results just in time for Spring Break getaways and early trips to the beach.

Now that you’re ready, what’s next? It’s simple. You can begin by setting up a complimentary consultation with our surgical specialists to discuss your desires and expectations for improvements. They’ll advise you of your options and explain the best procedures and treatments to successfully achieve your goals. Call Southern Surgical Arts today at 423-266-3331 (Chattanooga) or 706-629-8622 (Calhoun) to get started!

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