Improvements for the Neck and Jowl Using The Latest Cosmetic Surgery Techniques

James Koehler, MD, a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon from Tulsa Surgical Arts recently wrote and article for Plastic Surgery Practice on Isolated Neck Rejuvenation and Submentoplasty. Dr. Koehler applies many of the latest facial rejuvenation techniques in his practice just as the surgeons at Southern Surgical Arts do. Carey Nease, MD, a Double Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon at Southern Surgical Arts uses laser technology to rejuvenate the neck and jowl area. “Neck and jowl rejuvenation can be accomplished with laser lipolysis by removing the excess fat pads and heating of the undersurface of the skin. The addition of the laser, when compared to tumescent liposuction, improves the outcome by generating more heat which results in more skin tightening than liposuction alone.” Dr. Nease also said laser liposuction is a quick, one-hour procedure with down time of only 3-5 days and very little pain, both during and after the procedure. “Results can be dramatic when the right patient is selected (30’s-40’s). This does not replace a full face and neck lift surgery when that is what is needed!”

At Southern Surgical Arts, Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal often combine the CO2 resurfacing laser with all face lift and facial rejuvenation procedures for enhanced results. The CO2 laser improves skin texture, stimulates collagen and helps eliminate sun damage. The neck and jowl techniques combined with the skin resurfacing is called the Laser Face Lift. Dr. Nease is the pioneer of the Laser Face Lift and presented at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s 2011 Annual Meeting in Phoenix this past January. If you are in your 30’s and 40’s and don’t feel like you are ready for a traditional face lift, you might be a candidate for this procedure. We invite you to join us at our Chattanooga, Dalton or Calhoun office for a complimentary consultation with any of our surgeons! Call 423-266-3331 or 706-629-8622.

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