“Invisible” Eyelid Surgery Performed at Southern Surgical Arts

We recently came across an article that was titled, Invisible Eyelid Surgery Now a Reality. This technique for eyelid surgery may have a new name; but it has been a surgical option at Southern Surgical Arts for many years. In fact, the CO2 laser is used in a facelifting technique called the Laser Facelift, in which our Triple Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Carey Nease pioneered.

In the Laser Face Lift technique, we use the CO2 in conjunction with the Smart Liposuction and often Fat Transfer. However, “The CO2 laser has many benefits for the skin, including tightening the skin around the eyes,” said Dr. Nease. “I’ve used this laser in my practice for many years for more than just eyes but overall facial rejuvenation that helps reduce wrinkles and sun damage.”

If you are looking for added benefits to your eye surgery or overall facial rejuvenation, seek out a surgeon who has the most advanced laser technology. At Southern Surgical Arts, we are proud to be the most advanced laser practice in North Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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