Laser Face Lift Study Update

The laser face lift study that we are conducting at Southern Surgical Arts is going very well so far. We have completed more than 5 procedures and have 10 more in the next few weeks on the schedule. Most of the patients are from the Chattanooga and North Georgia area. We have 10 more slots to fill and expect to do so in the coming weeks. The results so far have been very good with all patients being satisfied with the short-term results, and the down-time has been about a week as predicted. Overall, I am very pleased with the progress.

I expect the results from the laser facelift study procedure to improve over the six-month follow-up period because the collagen production and skin tightening from the laser treatment starts 30 days after the procedure and continues for 3 to 4 months.

There is one set of before and after photos on our site now, and we will add more soon. Be sure to check our website over the next few weeks to look for more as we have 15 patients scheduled. If you are interested and qualify to participate – age 40 – 55, non-smoker, never had a facelift, generally healthy, -please contact our office to set up a consultation.

The Laser Face Lift involves the combination of the Affirm CO2 fractionated resurfacing laser and the SmartLipo laser for neck and jowl tightening. The downtime is about a week and requires only light sedation and local anesthesia with essentially NO perceptible scars.

We’ll keep you posted with more information as it comes! Look for our Chattanooga office to open this spring.

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