Laser Technology to Rejuvenate Skin in Chattanooga

Laser technology has been all over the news. Laser resurfacing is one that gets lots of attention for its ability to help build healthy new tissue taking years of sun damage off of the skin and giving a youthful, vibrant glow. It can erase sun spots, fine wrinkles, improve texture, and actually tighten the skin immediately after the treatment.

At Southern Surgical Arts, we offer two fractionated lasers – the CO2 laser and the Profractional Erbium laser. Its laser energy bores tiny holes into the skin. Each laser has its own benefits that make it more appropriate for patients but works similarly.

In general, the CO2 laser is the gold standard of resurfacing lasers for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction; whereas the Erbium laser has strengths for reducing sun spots (both brown and red) thus evening the skin tone and will improve the skin texture. Further, the Erbium laser allows us to treat some darker skin types with minimal risks. Both lasers help provide that healthy glow that most patients desire.

Southern Surgical Arts is committed to providing our patients with the best possible results and there are times when one of the lasers is more beneficial for the patient. In most cases, our surgeons will allow the patient to choose the laser; but there are other times where the surgeon makes a particular recommendation. “It is important we purchase almost every genre of laser technology so that our patients know that we are recommending the precise best laser for their skin type and goals,” says Dr. Chad Deal.

The recovery time usually involves one week of being swollen, red and “scabby.” Most patients are wearing makeup within 6-10 days and happy to show the world their new rejuvenated skin by then. The cost of laser resurfacing begins at $1899. A patient can also choose light sedation during the procedure in order to minimize discomfort.

Because there are possible complications with laser resurfacing. This includes redness, swelling and peeling and it does carry a small risk of infection so patients are prescribed anti-viral pills. “Choosing a surgeon who has experience performing laser resurfacing procedures will also help minimize risk,” said Dr. Carey Nease. At Southern Surgical Arts, our surgeons have performed thousands of these procedures over the past four years.

A consultation with one of our board-certified cosmetic surgeons will be necessary to determine which laser is best for you. You can reach us at one of our convenient locations:

Chattanooga, One North Shore: 423-266-3331
Calhoun: 706-629-8622

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