New Technique for Breast Augmentation Being Studied at Southern Surgical Arts

I’m back to work after attending the annual AACS meeting in Orlando and am considering some new techniques to incorporate into my cosmetic surgery practice. The most interesting topic discussed was breast augmentation using fat transfer rather than saline or silicone implants. This technique has been studied for the last few years and is being used in many countries around the world. There are several surgeons in the US doing it now as well, but there is some controversy. The main issue is safety in regard to imaging for breast cancer screening, and most radiologists believe that they WILL be able to accurately interpret the mammograms in patients who have fat transfer for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. The other problem is that several procedures may be necessary to get the size desired, as one session will likely only increase the breast by one cup size. Benefits include that fact that there is no foreign material used (implant) and the results have a very natural appearance. I think many patients will still prefer implants, but this will likely be an option for women seeking a natural enhancement in the near future. I will continue to keep up with the latest research and when I feel it is safe, I’ll be excited to bring this new procedure to the women of North Georgia and the Chattanooga area.

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