Smooth Tuck

Over the last few months, we have been receiving questions about a procedure called the Smooth Tuck. It gained popularity when The Doctors featured a surgeon who developed a procedure that combined Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck. The surgeon coined the procedure as the Smooth Tuck. Although this surgeon has gained popularity for the procedure, our cosmetic surgeons at Southern Surgical Arts have been performing a Tummy Tuck with Liposuction since they began their practices. “I learned to perform Liposuction in combination with an Abdominoplasty when I was in training in Las Vegas,” said Dr. Chad Deal. “The two procedures together often allow you to achieve your goals of a flat stomach and a sculpted waist-line to restore your figure. The end result takes a tummy tuck a step further by giving a woman the shape and figure she wants.”

It has recently become acceptable to perform the procedures together in the past five year. Many surgeons who are not trained in the latest techniques will tell you that these two procedures cannot be done at the same time. “Surgeons who were trained before the late 90’s were taught not to perform them together because of the theoretical risk of tissue injury and poor wound healing, but after performing over 400 of these procedures and observing the great results with low complication rate, I think it is absolutely the right way to go.” said Dr. Carey Nease. “It does not surprise me that a catchy name has been developed to market the procedure.”

As we noted in our appearance on the 3 Plus You show in Chattanooga on Friday, April 15, surgeons and practices often develop marketing terms for a procedure. Just because there is a new procedure that seems great, beware of surgeons that try to fit everyone in a box. At Southern Surgical Arts, we are advocates of advertising and we are not suggesting that the surgeon who developed this procedure is trying to do this. “It is important to know that just because you see a new procedure on TV, does not mean that you are a candidate,” said Dr. Nease.

If you are interested in the Smooth Tuck or any procedure you see in the media, please schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon to see if you are a candidate. Make sure, however, that the surgeon routinely performs the procedure you are interested in having — with or without the marketed name!

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