Spring Break Reboot

Posted by Southern Surgical Arts on Mar 21, 2018 10:00:00 AM

“Staycationing” this Spring Break? Maybe you’ve decided it’s better to skip the stress of plane delays, lost luggage or restless kiddos squirming in the backseat heading to the beach. You’re ready to kick back and relax, but just because you’re staying put doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a bit. In fact, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a serious spring reboot at Southern Surgical Arts Med Spa. Allow us to pamper you as we peel away years of natural aging and sun damage, along with dull, dry skin from winter’s chill, for a fresh springtime reset. Our team of physicians and licensed aestheticians will evaluate your skin in a complimentary consultation and assess your personal skincare needs. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan of rejuvenating custom facials, medical grade chemical peels and transformative skin and laser treatments – all quick, convenient and super-effective ways to start seeing positively glowing, radiant skin by the end of the week.

Southern Surgical Arts Signature Facials
Our custom facials include skin analysis, deep cleansing, mechanical and peel exfoliation, extraction, nourishing hydration and a relaxing massage. With our SSA Signature Facial, hydrating facial serums and two separate masks are customized for your skin to restore balance, radiance and moisture. Our Acne Therapy Facial incorporates deep penetrating skin serums to exfoliate, help control bacteria, smooth texture and deeply cleanse pores. We carefully extract blackheads and debris, then apply a specialized mask formulated specifically to target acne.

Southern Surgical Arts Medical Grade Chemical Peels
Along with regular facials, chemical peels are vital for transforming and revitalizing skin. Whatever your skin care concern, we’ve got a quality treatment option available for you to correct everything from acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, uneven skin tone, discoloration and texture. Customized chemical solutions produce immediate improvement with as little as 20 minutes taken out of your day. While maximum results are typically achieved with 4-6 treatments over time, a peel before a big event can serve as a fast, easy fix to get your glow on.

Our Salicylic Acid Peel smooths surface texture, clears follicles and helps reduce breakouts while our Melasma Peel exfoliates and bleaches, treating hyperpigmentation, discoloration, breakouts, sun damage and fine lines. It’s an optimal choice for mature, aging skin or those experiencing menopause. The popular TCA Peel tightens facial tissue and removes damaged surface-skin layers to reduce superficial pigment lesions and decrease fine lines and wrinkles, all with a shorter recovery time than laser resurfacing. For patients with acne scarring, this peel can be repeated for maximum effectiveness. The Micropeel combines dermaplaning (physical exfoliation) with chemical exfoliation to reduce acne and the signs of aging – and can visibly correct skin imperfections with a series of four to six consecutive treatments. The less intense Jessner Peel targets hyperpigmentation, sun damage, discoloration and mild to severe acne and can also be applied to the neck, chest and hands.

Southern Surgical Arts Signature Skin and Laser Treatments
The newest micro-needling device, INFINI, treats acne scars, wrinkles, texture inconsistency, and laxity with minimal downtime. The Dermapen and Mesopen advanced skin micro needling devices tighten, lift and revitalize by stimulating elastin and collagen production with very little discomfort. Deep penetration of medical grade serums transforms skin with just one day of recovery required. The more penetrating Mesopen procedure improves skin texture and helps reduce acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmented lesions and imperfections. PicoSure with Skin Cell Activation is perfect for those seeking significant improvements with absolutely no time for downtime. PicoSure uses pressure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars while simultaneously lightening freckles and age spots. You’ll get impressive results without the pain of other laser procedures, and any trace of treatment is long gone within a few hours.

Our non-invasive Microdermabrasion procedure removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell turnover and collagen growth for immediately evident changes in skin texture and appearance. Dermaplaning, a manual exfoliation blade technique, safely removes surface debris, and when added to facial treatments or used before specific chemical peels, produces even better anti-aging treatment results. Vibradermabrasion’s rapidly moving paddles can be used all over the body’s skin surface to tackle everything from mild acne scars, and clogged pores.

Southern Surgical Arts Cosmetic Enhancements: Tinting and Waxing
SSA’s expert aestheticians offer precision tinting for beautiful around-the-clock brows and lashes perfectly matched to your hair color. We safely and routinely tint lashes and brows, so you can avoid adverse reactions sometimes caused by inexperienced practitioners. One quick session leaves you with perfect lash color and saves you that extra step of applying mascara in your morning routine for four to six weeks. As a finishing touch, follow up your tinting with an easy brow and lip wax to achieve the ultimate spring refresh.

Whatever your cosmetic enhancement needs, a quick trip to Southern Surgical Arts during your “staycation” can leave you feeling reinvigorated and seeing real results. It’s just the spring break reboot you’ve been looking for! Call our medspa at 423-266-3331 to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation today!

Start Your “Staycation” Today! March 21, 2018 – April 30, 2018

Signature Facial Package – 1hr facial with a collagen mask and choose from a Jessner or Glycolic chemical peel!! $249 (savings of $58)

Picosure Laser Treatment package – Purchase 3 Picosure Facial Rejuvenation treatments for ONLY $1,099! (Savings of $298)

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