Using Laser Technology for Facial Lifts and Overall Rejuvenation

The board-certified cosmetic surgeons at Southern Surgical Arts pursue the latest laser technology to minimize recovery time, scarring and produce optimal results at their practice in Chattanooga. Face lift and facial rejuvenation techniques with the artistic cosmetic surgery skill and produce more natural and youthful results. With over ten years and 3,600 significant facial cosmetic surgical procedures, Dr. Vincent Gardner, Dr. Chad Deal, Dr. Daniel Barker offer not only extensive experience; they’ve stayed on the cutting edge by employing the latest techniques and technology.

Achieving facial rejuvenation

With a facial rejuvenation plan, the surgeons will recommend your surgical and non-surgical choices to help you appear more healthy and youthful. Taking into account your aesthetic features of your entire face and neck, you might be recommended for eyelid surgery, brow or forehead lifts, laser skin resurfacing or a combination of other procedures to help you achieve your goals. The Chattanooga face lift surgeons might even recommend “no-incision” laser face lifts; as Dr. Chad Deal of Southern Surgical Arts explains, sometimes laser is a better choice than surgery.

Benefits of laser-assisted surgery

Compared to the traditional “plastic” face lift, the Chattanooga surgeons’ cosmetic laser-lift procedures produce a number of advantages. The technique achieves a more natural, youthful aesthetic look; as opposed to a “pulled” or plastic look that used to be an ideal. The procedure itself is faster; lasting only one to two hours and requiring only IV sedation and local anesthesia, general anesthesia isn’t necessary for the surgery. Since there are no scars with laser-lifts, clients can wear their hair up or short without exposing noticeable incisions. In addition, laser face lift surgery comes with a quicker recovery time of five to seven days and better, long-lasting results. The traditional plastic face lift patient in the past had to carefully hide scars with long hair and experienced a recovery of 6-8 weeks. Repeated procedures typically won’t be necessary for at least 5 to 10 years.

What surgery alone can’t accomplish

Laser technology is a great complement to the knife; but in some cases it may be ideal to opt for an incision-free cosmetic surgery by having a Laser Facelift, developed by Dr. Nease. Patients can expect to look five to ten years younger with this procedure without scars and a short recovery time. The procedure combines laser skin resurfacing, fat transfer, Smart Lipo, and the use of Botox and fillers. Dr. Nease performed a clinical study using this technique, presenting his findings at the annual conference of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in January 2011. Most of the participants reported that they were “highly satisfied” with the results.

With over ten lasers to the latest technology & artistic skill of cosmetic surgery, trust the board-certified cosmetic surgeons at Chattanooga’s Southern Surgical Arts.
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