How Visible are Scars After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

One of the most common concerns of patients considering breast augmentation surgery is the extent to which surgical scars may be visible. A talented cosmetic surgeon with an eye for artistry knows that incision size and placement are important factors in creating the most beautiful, natural-looking outcome for the patient. Extensively discussing your expectations and aesthetic goals with your surgeon, including the type and size of implants that best suit your frame will help determine where incisions should be placed.

Because incisions are typically less than 1 inch long, they can easily be disguised in the armpit, under the mammary fold, or around the areola. Such locations provide our surgeons with excellent control to create the most symmetric and invisible results possible. You can review our infographic below to see common incision patterns used by Southern Surgical Arts that allow for the smallest, least visible scars, even when wearing a bikini bathing suit. You can also view incision patterns not used at Southern Surgical Arts and compare the difference.

Our before and after picture gallery reveals the importance of having experienced surgeons who possess the kind of exceptional surgical skill and artistic vision needed to help you achieve optimal results.

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